A downloadable game for Windows

this games is a horror game there are no pics yet because its hard to get pics.

this game is my proper first game im sorry but its not the best

and just in case epilepsy Warning

Published Jul 09, 2016
AuthorT-rex Productions
Tags3D, Horror


thelongway.zip 727 MB

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Hello I just checked your Twitch and it said that you streamed a new game you will  be developing but it seems i missed the stream. i was wondering if you could inform  me what this game entails and what it is about. I really hope its another horror game like this one. 

Good Luck on your new game


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well so far i haven't really planed it out all i have decided its gonna be short and you have to escape a maze thats it so hopefully the planing should be finished soon.

OK nice

Exces me, my post was delet?

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Henlo, frid. Yesters stream good. Adedayo aprov. ;)

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Deleted post
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Hey still a huge fan of the franchise. I'm genuinely surprised this game isn't one of the most played indie games on the pc. However, can I get an approximate date on when part 2 will be released. I'm honestly looking forward to it and hope it is released in the near future.

In relation to my previous post, I am doing fine now and I am out of hospital and back to full health. Thank you so much for asking it really helped me through some tough times with my epilepsy.

P.S- BlockShooter is also an amazing addition to grow your small company and I still want streams on twitch. Also add me on steam. Have a good day :)


sorry but part two wont be coming out because all the files i had for it has been corrupted and lost. i will try and get another game out by the end. and have a good day


That's such a shame... the long way part 2 was going to be the game of the year in my eyes. That is so annoying to hear that the files corrupted. Fro personal experience being a small indie developer, to see your game files go corrupt and losing them is a real blow to your confidence. If it is possible, can I have any details on this new project. I'm sure it will be great anyways.

Also, I am feeling better than ever as the epileptic fits from playing the way have gone. I would genuinely like to thank you on putting a warning on the game, I think that really helped. However, I have an abnormally high blood pressure from still being scared when 'untextureboy23' comes round the corner.

Have a great day and good luck with your new project :)

i still haven't decided to do either a 3d side scroller game or a horror game considering how you were waiting for part two for a long time and i lost it all you can choose which one u would like me to make.

have a good day

I would really like to see a horror game. I think you could make another great horror game. Considering i still have an abnormally high blood pressure whenever I see 'untexturedboy23' still, and with the experience you have gained, I believe you could make another great horror game.

Also, do you know who Masozi Adedayo is? He seems really confused as to why his posts were deleted. I think good communication between developers and fans is key, so maybe just tell him why you deleted his posts. I know you have good communication with me, but even if the comment seemed stupid, I'm sure Masozi didn't mean for any harm.

Have a good day :)

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I really got sp00ked by Blurry Mike memes when man gots a good ol' spotting by untexturedboy23. Better than 'The Ship' but could have advanced textures. Also give an epilepsy warning to players as man in hospital in critical condition. However, what i care the most about is your streams on twitch. STREAM PLZ!!! Stream Star Trek Online and Simply Chess. 8/7 would never play more than twice